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one of the uncountable turquoise beach locations in Thassos Island

Thassos : Plan your trip to The “Emerald Island”

Thassos is known as the Emerald Island, a gem of the Aegean boasting green forests and turquoise seawaters. One can find uncountable breath taking beaches and the numerous, picturesque villages to live the “local experience”. Guests are enchanted by the way turquoise waters kiss the white marble ruins of ancient temples, the majestic red sunsets […]

One of the very best Greek  islands to visit: Thassos, The Emerald Island.

Greece is an incredible country to explore, especially the Greek Islands.  Most people, especially the Greek islands, are synonymous with sunny days, top quality of food, picturesque places &  friendly people, make it a perfect place for a holiday. Though Greece has too many islands and it can be quite difficult to decide where to […]